Delivering confidence and peace of mind to home buyers.

Guardian Certified guides you home to true quality.
It’s what separates the good from the great.


Certified structural engineers design each home for maximum longevity, durability, and efficiency.


Certified inspectors check your home at every stage of construction and welcome third-party verification.

Energy Rating

Guardian engineers and certifies each home for energy efficiency achieving 5% better than state standards.


Our seal of approval is only granted to those homes which meet our rigorous standards assuring true quality.

Save Time

We’ve narrowed down the field to the best builders to ensure better than minimum standards set by state codes. Now all you have to do is decide which is right for you.

  • Guardian Equals Quality
  • Builders Meet or Exceed Our Standards
  • Each Home is Engineered & Inspected

Save Money

Every Guardian Certified Home meets rigorous engineering and energy standards, so that you save money.

  • Make a Great Investment
  • Certified Energy Efficient Building
  • Build Equity, Instead of Burning Electricity

Trusted homes have the Guardian seal.

When a home is “Guardian Certified” you can rest assured that it has been subjected to the highest levels of engineering and inspections.

Anyone can use words like “quality” and “excellence,” but without independent verification, these words are meaningless. There are numerous programs that focus on the “finish” aspects of home construction. The “Guardian Certified” program’s primary focus is on the things you’ll never see. Real quality in a new home starts before construction begins.

Build on a trustworthy,
certified foundation.

Guardian Certified homes are required to have foundations that are designed by a Professional Engineer, who is registered in the state where the home is built.

Prior to designing the foundation, the builder must furnish the engineer of record with a soil report for the area where the home is to be located. All soil reports must be performed by a Professional Engineer who is also registered in the state where the home is to be located. The engineer of record for the foundation design will be responsible for initiating inspections during the construction process. All foundations will be certified by the engineer of record.

Be confident in the bones with our certified framing.

The guardian Certified program requires all framing of the home to be engineered by a Registered Professional Engineer.

All designs must consider the various loads that will be imposed upon the structure. The engineer of record will be responsible for initiating the inspections process during the frame stage. All frames will be certified by the engineer of record.

Go Guardian. For Good.

Don’t leave your most valuable asset to chance.