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See why both builders and buyers alike love seeing our seal of approval, and why Guardian is the ultimate guide to a quality home.


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We’ve narrowed down the field to the best builders. Now all you have to do is decide which is right for you.

Never Guess

  • Guardian Equals Quality
  • Builders Meet or Exceed Our Standards
  • Each Home is Engineered & Inspected

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Every Guardian Certified Home meets rigorous engineering and energy standards. Going green saves you green!

Make a Great Investment

  • Guardian Means Energy Efficient
  • Build Equity, Instead of Burning Electricity
  • Less Problems = Less Money

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Don’t Settle

Not only is every GCH efficient, it’s built to last. You can rest easy, and spend less time, money, and energy on your next home purchase.

  • You CAN Have It All!
  • Guardian Makes It Possible
  • Save Time, Money & Energy, Without Sacrificing Quality

Go Guardian. For Good.

Don’t leave your most valuable asset to chance. Go Guardian. For Good.

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